This site is my window into me. I am using this as a way to communicate to my sister and three sons about a project that has convinced my sister that I am ready for a mental hospital. You see, I am a 20 year ALS survivor. Last April, I moved from Texas to Iowa chasing happiness. Happiness is an elusive bird, but if you can find it, nothing else matters. But it is funny how elusive that bird is. I was told a number of things by a lady who claimed to love me. Well, that turned into a farce. As it usually turns out, the jokes on me. I am located in the Cedar Rapids area, and moved into my condo. It was the predicted roller-coaster ride. The young lady I left in charge of my house did nothing, including picking up my mail. I scrambled when I got home, and got 2 months worth of bills caught up...little things like mortgage, gas, electric, etc. What a worthless excuse for a caregiver she was! You can also find TalkForMe!, a speech synthesis tool I wrote to speak for me after I got my tracheostomy, and you can also find several versions of my RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart.

This site also provides information, inspiration and support to individuals and families who are dealing with
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, MND, or Lou Gehrig's Disease). I don't have all of the answers, and I'm not a doctor, but I am in my twentieth year since diagnosis. I've been down many of those roads...

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