HyperSolutions used to be my software development business but it has been suggested by the disability folks that I cannot make money from my computer. I only have and support one product...TalkForMe! This is a speech synthesizer that is ideal for people who have recently received a tracheostomy. I wrote it soon after I got mine, and if I would have had it, my time in the rehab hospital would have been much less frustrating. (It absolutely amazes me how hard it is to mouth 'urinal', and the number of folks that do not understand 'I have to pee!') I work on a Macintosh, and only on a Macintosh. TalkForMe! will not run on a Windows-based computer.

TalkForMe! is an absolutely free product. However, if you would like to donate whatever you feel it has saved you in frustration, please use the 'PayPal Donate' button.